Hi! Welcome to www.treninorosso.it We are a tour operator born in 1999.
Soon, also making use of our location in the 
town of Tirano, near the station, we opened a door dedicated to the Bernina Express and the Rhaetian Railway Trains.

This intuition has meant that over the years it has been the Rhaetian Railway itself that has signalled us as its Official Partner.

Since 2006, with our TRENINOROSSO brand ,we have also become an Official Agent of the Swiss Railways.

The commitment  and seriousness we have shown have allowed us to become a Partner of SwitzerlandTourism.

Oh  yes...it has been a great satisfaction for us!

We are also Incoming Tour Operator for Valtellina. Our synergy with hotels, restaurants, tourist guides, wineries etc. allows us to offer you everything you need to spend a peaceful stay in our territory.

Since 2013 we have also an Information Point at the entrance of Tirano, in Via Sondrio, 100mt. before the Main Church on the left with our  www.treninorosso.it In the INFOPOINT you can also buy your last minute tickets.

We  are not perfect but we strive to make your trip unforgettable.
That 's why we would like to help you create your next itinerary.