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Experience the Queen of the Mountains

From the top of Rigi at 1797 m.a.s.l., there is a breathtaking view of the Alps, 13 lakes and the entire Mittelland (plateau) up to Germany and France.

The Rigi was the first cogwheel railway in Europe and was inaugurated in 1871. Even today it accompanies tourists to Mount Rigi (1,800 m), also called the "queen" of the mountains. Niklaus Riggenbach, the inventor of the cogwheel railway, accomplished a pioneering work here.

The summit can be reached from three locations: Vitznau (33 minutes), Arth-Goldau (37 minutes) and Weggis (10 minutes). All options are included in our tickets.
The first two are cogwheel railways with independent lines. From Vitznau (also reachable by boat), the white and red trains start, tackling an altitude difference of 1,313 meters on a 6.9 kilometer route with a maximum gradient of 25%, while the one from Arth-Goldau, with white and blue trains, exceeds 1,234 meters of altitude difference on a route of 8.5 kilometers with a maximum gradient of 20%. Both railways are now electrified with 1500 volt direct current and use the Riggenbach type cogwheel railway.
The third is a panoramic cable car that starts from Weggis, a small and idyllic resort town on the shores of Lake Lucerne. From here you can reach Rigi Kaltbad in less than 10 minutes and then continue by cogwheel railway to Rigi-Kulm.

The two cogwheel railways and the panoramic cable car from Weggis make this journey to the mountains an unforgettable experience.

Catering: Catering is not provided on board the trains, but you will find bars and restaurants at the top of the Rigi.
Disabled: Not all trains are adequately accessible, write to info@treninorosso.it for more details.

The Rigi line operates all year round.
We have created several packages to help you start planning your trip. Each of them can be customized to your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the key points of the Rigi Mountain Railway:
Breathtaking views: The Rigi offers stunning views of the Alps, 13 lakes, and the Mittelland plateau.
Historic railway: The Rigi Mountain Railway is the first cogwheel railway in Europe and was inaugurated in 1871.
Three ways to the top: You can reach the summit of Rigi from Vitznau, Arth-Goldau, or Weggis.
Panoramic cable car: The cable car from Weggis offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.
Restaurants and bars: There are bars and restaurants at the top of the Rigi where you can enjoy a meal or a drink.
Year-round operation: The Rigi Mountain Railway operates all year round.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable way to experience the Swiss Alps, the Rigi Mountain Railway is the perfect choice.

Write to us at info@treninorosso.it